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The school established its motto early, “Academic excellence is our target” as they came to realize that unless you have good integral teachers you can not become a professional self motivated child yourself.


The current pass mark of Haradali School is 65 % for all subjects and all grades. This means that in order to pass an exam the student needs to have a performance above or equal to 65% of the exam.

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Haradali is the Swahili word for mustard. The school has taken its name from this as the dream of the school from the very beginning has been related to the parable of a mustard seed. As the mustard seed grows from one of the smallest seeds to become a big tree, the school wants to grow in the same way.

The school has gone from something as small as just one class gathering in a wooden shed to become a big, respected and well facilitated school in only a couple of years. In the same way the school wishes to plant something small in the hearts of the children that will grow to equip them, strengthen their self value and give them knowledge that will help them become self motivated and the best versions of themselves. ...

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We welcome students from all over Tanzania that wish to get a good academic education.


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