Download and fill registration forms here - PDF Format

Attached are the forms for joining Haradali schools, to be filled by the perent with a student concerned.

1. Download and Print

Click the the icon to download the PDF forms. Print the forms,
Fill up the forms as instructed on the readings, Attach all neccessary ttachments like Birth certificate, Photo ID e.t.c

2. Upload and Send

Once you are done with filling the form and assembling all neccessary attachment, upload the attachment and send an email to


Item First Term Second Term
School Fees  400,000  400,000
Hostel fees (Full Board) 405,000   405,000
Medical fee / First Aid  20,000  20,000
Personal hygiene, Laundry and Stationeries 100,000   100,000
 Pocket Money 20,000   20,000
   945,000  945,000


***  These items can be purchased by the School or parent / guardian / sponsor


Items Quantity Cost
After school garmets / outfits 2 Pairs 100,000
Matress Size 2.5 1 Pc  48,000
2 Light blue bed sheets 2 Pcs 20,000
Grey Blanket 1 Pc  15,000
Bathing towels. Girls Pink, Boys Light blue 1 Pc  8,000
 Durable school bag 1 Pc 25,000
White Rectangular Mosquito Net 1 Pc 9000
A pair of sandals 1 Pc 6,000
Bed wetters plastic sheet 1 Pc 40,000
TOTAL 271,000


1  Payments should be made through Bank only.

a) Total Full Payment for Continuing Pupils per semester is 945,000

b) Total Full Payment for new Pupils per semester is 1,216,000

2. For the full Payment, all items are provided at school except school and sport shoes.

Haradali Development Trust (HDT) is a registered civil society organization founded in the year 2005 and registered by the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania in the year 2007 under the Trustee Incorporation Act (Cap.318 R.E2002) and given registration No 3283. Generally, the organization is dedicated to the promotion and provision of development oriented services through establishment of various activities related efforts which includes Education, Health and Information for Community awareness of various Contemporary issues.

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